Monday, 24 September 2012

Page One Hundred and Seventeen: Life in Lists

1.) Re-designed blog. Think I don't hate it. For now.
2.) Ate at least (if not more than) five portions of fruit/veg today.
3.) Received really positive e-mail about something I thought would be negative.
4.) Finally booked flight home.
5.) Having a much needed day of no commitments tomorrow.
6.) Loving Rachel Khoo's Little Paris Kitchen. It's somehow very soothing. I'm not sure if it's the juxtaposition of English/Frenchness or the setting of it in Paris in a neighbourhood I know. Either way I'm pretty much in love.
7.) I was wrong about Fassbinder. Reading his commentary on various Sirk films was pretty much the highlight of today. He really tells it like it is.
8.) The end of next week is going to be insanely busy!
9.) There's something to be said for sitting in front of a computer screen late at night with headphones on. It takes me back to high school. Only then the internet was slower, the AIM conversations ever present, and the M.O. Photoshop!
10.) It's nice to make lists again.

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